Our Quality Policy

The quality policy applies to all levels in the organization. All deliveries will meet or preferably exceed our customer’s expectations – through the entire business process, from orders to final deliveries and use of our products, systems and services.

  • Deliver on-time and on-quality products, systems and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

  • Identify and understand our customer’s expectations, measure customer perceptions, and implement improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Enable and engage our people at all levels in a relentless drive to improve operational performance along the value chain from suppliers to customers.

  • Increase the motivation and skills of our people to add value to our customers and our businesses, through continual training and development.

  • Leverage our partners and suppliers strengths to improve our products and our businesses from product design through production, installation and operation.

  • Embed social responsibility and company ethics policies in our business practices.

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Our Clientele

We offer a quality service to all our clients in various industries including delivery

We Supply hotels with  eggs, meat chickens. Orders can be placed on the online farm shop on our website, or through email or over the phone and we deliver our products on time as per specification.
Supermarkets and retail outlets can order farm products on email or from our website. We offer a range of farm products with prompt deliveries. TDF supplies packaged and branded products as well as non-branded products. 

We Supply boarding schools with fresh farm produce.

We supply  day old chicks and incubation services to farmers

We Supply restaurants and fast food outlets with farm produce, ranging eggs, chicken. Orders can be placed on our online farm shop on our website, through email or over the phone and we deliver on time as per specification.

We offer good package deals to catering companies including weddings and function packages.

We supply meat and spices to bucheries and meat dealers for sausage production

Key Personnel

  • CEO/training Manager

  • Farm Manager

  • Accountant/Admin

  • Sales/Delivery

  • Repair & Maintainance

  • Semi Skilled Staff

We bring the farm to you

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